Why Choose a Pay As You Go Tablet?

Are you mostly planning to use your tablet in the home on your WiFi network? Then you might want to consider a Pay As You Go tablet, as this gives you the flexibility to buy a top up as and when you need to use data!

Why Choose Three?

All tablets on Three come with:

  • Free 4G - All Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tablets on Three come with 4G at no extra cost, all you need is a 4G ready tablet.
  • Free roaming abroad -  Use your data abroad at no extra cost in 19 countries on Three, including Spain, USA and Australia on all Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans.
  • Great value - Three aim to provide the best value tablet deals of any mobile operator in the UK. That includes pay monthly tablets, pay as you go tablets and SIM plans for tablets.

SIM ONLY DEAL 12GB data £16 a month See Deal